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Wire Splicing Procedure


Splicing wires sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is.

What do I need to Splice wires?

Wire cutter, wire strippers, solder, soldering iron, shrink tube, heat gun, electrical tape and Scotchkote Electrical Coating for wet environments.

  • Sealant is used to further protect the wire connection. The key to effectively splicing cables together is ensuring that the connection is sealed against moisture and dirt, and that there is no signal loss across the splice.
Form the wires. If the wire is made up of many smaller strands twisted together, gently maneuver the strands so they are all laying to form a smooth cylinder. If the wire is a solid conductor wire, this will not be necessary.
Place heat shrink tubing. To use heat shrink tubing to insulate the splice, cut off a piece of tubing about twice as long as the area of the splice. Slide it on to the end of either of the wires. Push it up the wire out of the way of the splice so that it is not prematurely heated by the splicing operation.
Connect the wires by twisting. Carefully twist the wires so that they remain in line with the rest of the wires, rather than bending up at an angle at the twist joint. The twist joint should have the wires snaking around each other in a line that continues the line of the original wire.
Solder the wires. Gently press the primed tip of the soldering iron on the center of the twisted wires. The wires will heat enough to melt solder.
  • Apply solder slowly to the wires. Apply enough solder to evenly coat the exposed wire surfaces. Do not get so much solder on the wires that it becomes a mass or ball and prevents you from seeing the wires.
  • Set the solder joint. Remove the soldering iron from the wires. Keep the wires still until the solder re-solidifies. The solder will dull slightly in shine as this occurs. The solder should set within ten seconds.
Insulate the splice.
  • Set heat shrink tubing. If you used heat shrink tubing to insulate the splice, slide it down over the splice. Using a heat gun, heat the tubing so that it shrinks to fit snugly over the splice. Do not overheat it or the tubing will crack and char.
  • Wrap the splice in tape. If you did not use heat shrink tubing, cover the splice completely with a helical wrapping of electrical tape and then apply Scotchkote Electrical Coating for wet environments.

For wet environments: Shrink wrap each wire, Shrink wrap over all the wires, apply two coats of Electrical coating on outside of connector: Liquid Electrical Tape (Cost $7.00 to $8.00) for wet environments.


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