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Onboard scale systems allow optimum, safe use of a truck’s payload capacity both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.
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TradeRoute Underbody Truck Scales - Legal for Trade - NTEP Approved
TradeRoute Underbody Truck Scales Straight Chassis Systems
Increments as lows as 2 lbs
Higher Capacity Systems are 20 lbs / 10 kg
The integral hydraulic system ensures the load is completely removed from the load cells during transport.
All RiceLake's On-Board Weighing systems can weigh on slopes up to six degrees off-level.
Applications Straight Chassis Fixed Body Trucks: Salt Trucks, Liquid Tank Trucks, Vacuum Trucks, Box Trucks, Refuse, Custom Application Frames, Mink Feed, Feed Additives, Liquid Feed Supplements, Heating Oil Trucks, Some Tipping Body Trucks
Note: Hydraulic pump, connect to your existing hydraulic pump with a maximum pressure of 3,000 PSI with a minimum flow of 5 GPM
Four ways to keep ahead of the competition

Know the competition. Find out who your competitors are, what they are offering and what their unique selling point (USP) is. This will identify the areas you need to compete in, as well as giving you a platform for differentiating yourself by using TradeRoute on-site weighing system - live weighing.


Know your customers. Customer expectations can change dramatically when economic conditions are unstable. Find out what matters to your customers now - is it lower price, more flexible service, and the latest products to improve efficiency. TradeRoute on-site weighing system once again, is the product to increase efficiency for you and your customer. Revise your sales and marketing strategy accordingly.


Differentiate. It's essential to give your customers good reasons to come to you rather than a rival. Your USP should tap into what customers want and it should be clear and obvious - no-one should have to ask what makes you different TradeRoute on-site weighing system with fast, accurate weights on site for the customer to see.


Look to the future. Businesses that plan for growth are more successful than those that are happy to stay still. Keep up with developments in your sector, follow consumer trends, invest in new technology and - crucially - have a clear idea of where you want to be in one, three and five years' time. TradeRoute on-site weighing system will help you achieve efficiency with on-site ticketing your customer will feel confident that he's only paying for what he needs.

5. Another benefit to you: Fast Cost Recovery.
The future is here keep ahead of the competition with the TradeRoute Onboard Scale System.
Works on fixed & tipping body trucks that can be isolated from the truck frame.
Installation Time
Due to variation of conditions for clean chassis space, location of drive suspensions, location(s) of lift axles, possible obstructions, need or not for new 12 Vdc hydraulics lifting kit, and general requirements of module positioning with respect to COG, installation of a complete Traderoute system to a straight chassis truck can be anywhere from 2 to 3 two-man 8 hour days. This installation estimate does not include scale dealer time for system calibration with test weights, post-installation, which is typically a 4 hour job, performed with a test weight truck on site.

Easy to Use:
The Low Profile OnBoard™ Scale System is equipped with automatic hydraulic controls that lift the scale into and out of weighing position in approximately three seconds. The whole process of lifting the scale into weighing position and running the required instrumentation is an easy one-man operation.

Legal for Trade Weighing Anywhere:
All RiceLake's On-Board Weighing systems can weigh on slopes up to six degrees off-level. Perfectly level ground is not required to get legal-for-trade accurate results.

Bolt On Installation:
Installation is quick and easy. RiceLake's Low Profile OnBoard™ Scale systems come complete with all the required hardware and installation instructions. The assemblies simply bolt onto the truck’s existing frame. No modifications to the existing frame are required. Low Profile Systems are available in two types of assemblies, single and double, as well as three capacity levels. Refer to Table 2 under the Technical Info tab for a breakdown of what systems are required, dependent on the total capacity required.

Conveniently Mounted Display and Printer:
The OnBoard™ Control Center is conveniently mounted on the exterior of your transportation frame so that all transactions are easily viewed by the operator. The weatherproof enclosure protects the instrumentation and printer, for years of trouble free use. A legal ticket can be printed for your records.

Patented Weigh System:
RiceLake's patented weigh system ensures accurate weights in all conditions. The integral hydraulic system ensures the load is completely removed from the load cells during transport. This prevents shock loading damage and guarantees accuracy for many years of use.

Improve Business Accuracy:
By adding a Legal-For-Trade scale to your existing delivery or collection system you eliminate the guesswork from charging “by the container” or other volume-types of measurements. Accurately weighing and billing for the materials delivered or collected will improve business efficiency while improving overall customer satisfaction.

Durable Frame Hugging Design:
Low overhead clearance is not a concern with RiceLake's frame hugging design. The addition of this scale adds a mere 2 3/8” (60mm) to the overall height of the collection unit. The system is designed to be compact, leaving the truck’s center of gravity unchanged. RiceLake's patented, field proven lift mechanism, is able to accommodate hundreds of “lift and lower” cycles each day.

Some of the key features include:
Easy one-man operation.
Integral hydraulic system ensures the load is completely removed from the load cells during transport.
Load cell not engaged during transport prevents shock loading damage.
Weighing position in approximately three seconds.
Can weigh on slopes up to six degrees off-level. Three or Four point system.
Three or Four point weighing system.
Some of the key features include:
The assemblies simply bolt onto the truck’s existing frame.
Weatherproof enclosure protects the instrumentation and printer.
RiceLake's patented, field proven lift mechanism.
Printer capable of printing on multiple copy pre-printed tickets.
Low Profile
The addition of this scale adds a mere 2 3/8” (60mm) to overall height.
Inclinometer automatically measuring angles of slope (ready to weigh light).
Legal For Trade Onboard System Includes
3 or 4 point on-board system RL2000B load cell with 20 ft cable, IP67
• 80 ft conduit cable
• Magnetic transport alarm sensor with 15 ft cable
• JB4SS junction box
• Hydraulic line locks and hoses
• 920i® On-board Weigh Center
• Hydraulic pump not included Minimum 3,000 PSI recommended to maintain 2200 PSI during lift

920i On-board Weigh Center:
• TMU 295 printer with splash shield
• Pre-installed 30 ft power cable
• Pre-installed 30 ft load cell cable
• Pre-installed Inclinometer
• Transport alarm LEDs
• Power switch
• Start/End switch
• Waterproof enclosure
• Vibration mounts Mounting bracket to body not included

920i USB Universal with On-board Software:
• RS-232 port
• Standard on-board software
• USB interface board only
USB Interface Functions:
• Available upon specials request using a Type A sealed connector
• USB interface card on Port 2
• Supports weigh mode and configuration mode functions
• Supports upload of databases and 920 configuration file
• Supports download of databases, 920 configuration file, iRite, COD file, and firmware file
• Sanity checks for command errors
• Create STD database files

Flash Drives:
• Supports USB 2.0
• Create sub directories by unit ID and database name
• Use the root directory for generic files

• NTEP CC 99-091
• Measurement Canada AM-4847
Durable weatherproof enclosure for meter with printer.
920i On-board Weigh Center:
• TMU 295 printer with splash shield
• Pre-installed 30 ft power cable
• Pre-installed 30 ft load cell cable
• Pre-installed Inclinometer
• Transport alarm LEDs
• Power switch
• Start/End switch
• Waterproof enclosure
• Vibration mounts Mounting bracket to body not included
Outside Truck Frame Width
Minimum 33.5"
Maximum 35.0"
Bolt Pattern Box/Container
Width 37.5" on center
System Capacity Selection Table
Table 1 -Low Profile Assembly Part Number
Part Number Dim. A B C D E Ship Wt.
OB5-SGL5 8.5'
  175 lbs
OB10-DBL10 17.625'
275 lbs
OB10-SGL10 8.5'
  175 lbs
OB20-DBL10 17.625'
275 lbs
OB15-SGL15 8.5'
  214 lbs
OB30-DBL15 17.75'
360 lbs
OB30-TAN15 13'
  336 lbs
Table 2 - Number of Assemblies Required by Part Number
OB5-SGL5 OB10-DBL5 OB10-SGL10 OB20-DBL10 OB15-SGL15 OB30-DBL15 OB30-TAN15
15,000 lbs
(7,000 kgs)
1 1  
20,000 lbs
(9,800 kgs)
30,000 lbs
(13,500 kgs)
  1 1  
40,000 lbs
(18,000 kgs)
45,000 lbs
(20,000 kgs)
  1  1  
60,000 lbs
(27,000 kgs)
60,000 lbs
(27,000 kgs)
  1 1
Low Profile Single Low Profile Double
Low Profile Tandem
Are center mounted load cells for application at don't have room for standard installs.


Operating Modes
The Weigh Center operates in two modes: single weigh mode and batch weigh mode.
Single Weigh Mode is a simple mode that allows only independent weighments. Product ID's are not available in this mode.
Batch Weigh Mode is a mode with more functionality. It allows the use of product ID's so that more than one product can be delivered and weighed (multiple compartment containers).
Normal Single Weigh Mode Operation:
1. Park the vehicle in as level a location as possible.
2. Raise the platform to enable the scale. If the level lamp does not indicate that the unit is level lower the platform and move the truck. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
3. Turn the power switch located on the instrument panel to the ON position. The M2000 weigh indicator should power up. The readout on the indicator should be positive. Note: The M2000 will shut off after 10 seconds if the vehicle is not level.
4. Insert your ticket into the TM290 ticket printer. Note: The delivery hoses must be in the storage position before pushing the START button.
5. When the reading on the M2000 has stabilized push [START] once. The printer will print the current time and date, and the starting gross and net weights.
6. The M2000 will go into NET mode automatically when the start button is pushed. The display will show zero with the net light illuminated.
7. Connect the delivery hoses. Unload or load the amount as desired. Then disconnect the hoses and place in the storage position. Note: The delivery hoses must be in the storage position before pushing the END button.
8. When the reading has stabilized push the [END] button once. The printer will print out the amount unloaded in units of weight.

9. Lower the platform to disengage the scale, visually check to see that the scale is down completely. The cab alarm light will go out when the scale is in the transport position.
Note1: Do not move the vehicle until the scale is in the transport position.
Note2: The LB/KG and the NET/GROSS keys on the M2000 have been disabled. NET and GROSS modes are automatically selected during operation.
Note3: It is not necessary to turn the power switch on the control box off between deliveries. In fact, if the truck will not be turned off between deliveries it is recommended that the power switch be left in the on position. When the truck is going to be shut down, power down the control box prior to turning off the truck.

Vehicle requirements:
1. Truck frame width (outside to outside) must be between 33½" and 35".
2. Truck frame behind the cab must be as long as the container plus 6 to 12".
3. There must be enough axle capacity for the container, product, and scale components.
4. Truck must have a bumper attached to truck frame.
5. Trucks with fenders: Fenders must be attached to the truck frame. (Fenders should not be attached to the container body).

Hydraulic Requirements:
Truck requires a hydraulic pump with the following specifications

1. Maximum pressure capability of 3000psi (pressure is usually set to approximately 1800 to 2000 psi).
2. Minimum flow of 5 GPM (lower flow is acceptable, but will increase the time to raise and lower the scale into and out of weighing mode).
3. If used with NORAC supplied control valves, the pump must be open center (constant volume).
4. If used with other hydraulic control valves, pump must match the control valve (i.e. open center pump with open center valve).
How to select a system:
The typical installation is a double/double (2 - OB20-DBL10)assembly so if you had a 20,000lb requirement the net price would be OB20-DBL10 + OB20-DBL10 + (meter with printer) = Total for the hardware. Refer to the System Capacity Selection Table below.
Model Description Complete 3 Point onboard system Price
TradeRoute HL-131098 15,000 lb x 5 lb/8,000 x 2 kg 3-point onboard system (Class III), Qty 1each OB5-SGL5, OB10-DBL5, 920i weigh center $12,900.00
TradeRoute HL-131100 30,000 lb x 10 lb/15,000 x 5 kg 3-point onboard system (Class III), Qty 1 each OB10-SGL10, OB20-DBL10, 920i weigh center $14,100.00
Model Description Complete 4-Point onboard system Price
TradeRoute HL-131099 20,000 lb x 5 lb/10,000 x 2 kg 4-point onboard system (Class III/IIIL), Qty 2 OB10-DBL5, Qty 1, 920i weigh center $15,700.00
TradeRoute HL-131101 40,000 lb x 10 lb/20,000 x 5 kg 4-point onboard system (Class III) Qty 2 OB20-DBL10 Qty 1, 920i weigh center $16,095.00
TradeRoute HL-131103 60,000 lb x 10 lb/30,000 x 5 kg 4-point onboard system (Class IIIL/IIIHD) Qty 2, OB30-DBL15, Qty 1, 920i weigh center $17,600.00
We recommend professional installation (Factory trained Installers)
Model Description Notice
TradeRoute-installation on-site installation- customer will provide all tools need for install if installer has to flight to his location. Quote is based on no delays This item is non-refundable.
$4,000.00 AND UP


Part Number Model Please See System Capacity Selection Table Price
TradeRoute-131442 Electronics package Electronics package includes: 920i indicator, Epson® Ticket Printer, 25 ft load cell cable, power cable, housing, vibration mounts for
installation to customer supplied mounting bracket
TradeRoute-131811 LED Cable Optional LED cab alarm, 35 ft Call
TradeRoute-15494 EL146HE 4 conductor hostile environment load cell cable Call
TradeRoute-88956 JB4SS JB4SS signal trim j-box with PG37 cord grips Call
TradeRoute-128123 Conduit Conduit, 1/2 in non metallic liquid tight polytuf® Call
TradeRoute-128670 OB5-SGL5 Low profile 5 K single assembly Call
TradeRoute-128666 OB10-DLB5 Low profile 10 K double assembly Call
TradeRoute-127956 OB10-SGL10 Low profile 10 K single assembly Call
TradeRoute-127958 OB20-DBL10 Low profile 20 K double assembly Call
TradeRoute-127957 OB15-SGL15 Low profile 15 K single assembly Call
TradeRoute-127959 OB30-DBL15 Low profile 30 K double assembly Call
TradeRoute-130107 Packaging Double/Double packaging Call

TradeRoute Legal for Trade Onboard Vehicle Scale (over view)

  TradeRoute Underbody Truck Scales


Salt Truck Installation
The amazing part of this installation?

It was approved for

10,000 lbs X 2 lbs Legal for Trade




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