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Onboard scale systems allow optimum, safe use of a truck’s payload capacity both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.
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SI Tuffer On-Board Wheel Loader Scales


SI Tuffer Wheel Loader and Skid-steers
Simple and easy-to-use
System Accuracy: +/- 1% of full scale load
Dual Sensor Standard System
10 programmable cumulative memory locations
Weigh Modes: Pounds, Kilograms, Tons, Metric Tonnes
Optional Printer
Weigh-In-Motion Loader Scale System
Load maximum legal loads at the loading point the first time loaded-haul more tons per trip
Save time loading, waiting to check weigh and reloading – haul more loads per day
Eliminate overweight fines - Reduce commercial scale fees
Stop hauling free tonnage and giving material away - weight in excess of the contracted weight
Prox switch installation
The Tuffer weigh-in-motion scale operates on any brand, size of bucket loader. The system incorporates external sensors. The sensors measure change in the hydraulic lift pressure, which is directly proportional to the load lifted and converts it to a digital readout. The Tuffer scale meter, mounted in the cab, interprets these sensors signals and displays the individual lift weights and cumulative totals by material, customer number, or other preferences. The Tuffer weigh-in-motion is also equipped with a two-second last bucket tip-off function, which makes it much faster and easier to get the correct loaded weight the first time.

Load Out & Haul more Tons/Day: The Tuffer Weigh-In-Motion Bucket Loader Scale will provide the information to load maximum weights faster and keep trucks moving without going to a central scale location and back to the pit. This means you get increased productivity on every load, every day. Onboard scales make it easier and faster to load accurate weights every time and Tuffer is designed to do the job and survive the rugged environments found in Quarry and other loading operations. The Tuffer can be installed on most existing Bucket Loaders which gives you the opportunity to increase your capability and efficiency while eliminating material loss due to overloading without knowing it. Accurate loading also eliminates stopping at a public scale or getting overload fines the reduce profits. With the optional printer installed you can get all the weight data printed at the pit and eliminate the extra step of weighing at a central scale. This saves time and money.

Why it saves you money: Loading light to avoid over weight fines can cost a company thousands of dollars a year in lost profits. When your trucks are paid for how much weight they deliver you want your trucks to carry their maximum load each time you send a truck on a job. Not only is it important that your trucks carry their maximum load but your bucket loader must be able to load the trucks quickly and accurately to be cost effective to use. When the truck driver has to stop at the scale get a weight to see if they are light or heavy. It can be very costly retuning to the pit to load or unload product. This takes valuable time and increases the cost of the product. It just makes sense to load the truck right the first time.
What you should know about the Hydraulics, of any loader. Because the Hydraulic Pressure of the bucket is tied in to the steering. The Hydraulic Pressure changes as you turn. So to over come this issue after you pick up a load and are ready to load the truck, make sure the wheels are in the forward (straight) position. Than lift the bucket, after the weight is recorded you can dump the load. With the Tuffer technology will over come any slight pressure off set. Note: Do not install any bucket loader system on any loaders that are poorly maintained. Under powered loader can cause hydraulics to surge. This is caused by over sized buckets installed on your loader. Hydraulic leak can degrade the performance of any system.
Specifications: Meter - Ceiling mount or dash mount meter bracket. Display: 4 3/4" wide by 1 1/2" tall LCD - Liquid crystal graphical display. Built in circuit breaker. 4 Pushbutton keys: (Fixed) POWER - MODE - PRINT - ZERO, 4 Pushbutton keys with mini 1"x 1/2"displays: (changes with modes). RS-232 output. Operates with 12 to 28V DC power systems. Impact resistant cast aluminum housing. 8.5" W x 3.8" D x 5.4" H. Operating temperature: 0°F to 120°F. Radio frequency interference protection built in. 1 Year Manufactures Warranty. Average Installation Time 8-12 Hours
Pressure Sensors: Stainless steel construction. This strain gage pressure sensor is a 4 Wire analog hydraulic pressure sensor. Output Rating: 0-100mV Input Rating:10 volt. Pressure Rating: 5,000 PSI Pressure Rating.
Install kit: Along with the standard 2 - 5' hydraulic hose with 1/4" NPT. 23,000 PSI minimum burst pressure. Install kit with: 2 types of most common Sandwich blocks to fit most loaders. nut, bolts,tie raps.
Tuffer Weigh-in-Motion Wheel Loader Scale (Product Overview)

The Reweigh Feature of the Tuffer Weigh-in-Motion Loader Scale (Instructional Video)

What you need to install scale:
• The customer to have a welder and welding machine to weld brackets to the machine. The main welding for this system is the PROX switches that are use to start and end the weight window.
• The customer to have a mechanic on site to tap into hydraulic system.
• Tools for install.

What you need to calibrate scale:
• Customer is responsible for known weight!
Calibration of this system requires a known weight. A weighbridge and truck will be needed to verify the known weight of the material used for calibration.

Note: The weighing system is hydraulic based. The hydraulic system on the machine MUST be free of any leaks or defects. Mechanically, the machine must be sound. Free of play in boom upper structure. Any discrepancies in the areas will result in improper operation of the weighing system.

An alternative sensor install, if practical, the manifold can be drilled and tapped for either an 1/8" NPT adapter to ¼" NPT or a ¼" NPT. (The sensor is ¼" NPT)
Sensor Size Use Drill Size Use Tap Pitch
1/4 NTP 7/16 1/4"-18 NPT Taper
The MCP7810V TUFFER Printer is an ultra-compact, lightweight portable printer with an "easyload" paper feature. Housed in a new innovative enclosure this printer has an RS232 serial interface via a 6-way RJ12 socket. Designed for maximum versatility, the MCP7810V is compatible with existing systems whilst allowing many upgrades in terms of printing speed and functionality. It requires an unregulated power supply ranging from 10-35V dc and has maintenance free operation, only available with thermal printers. The Printer is designed for use in a vehicular environment. All units are built with robust ABS housings. In additional, a tough rubber boot with magnetic mounting allows for quick location and placement of the printer without any other accessory equipment.
An alternative sensor install, if practical, the manifold can be drilled and tapped for either an 1/8" NPT adapter to ¼" NPT or a ¼" NPT. (The sensor is ¼" NPT)
Sensor Size Use Drill Size Use Tap Pitch
1/4 NTP 7/16 1/4"-18 NPT Taper
Note: We try to provide the correct sandwich block base on the information: year & model you provide us. That does not guarantee fit because manufactures change parts for same loader. It is the customer/purchaser's responsibly for the correct part.
Model Part No. Notice Price
SI Tuffer-SI-91-01655-01L Tuffer Wheel Loader Scale Kit: Dual Sensor Standard System Installable System: This item is non-refundable. Call
SI Printer-SI95-00700-02 Printer for Tuffer Scale Installable System: This item is non-refundable. Call






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