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Onboard scale systems allow optimum, safe use of a truck’s payload capacity both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.
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SI Route Man Weighing System
SI Route Man Refuse System & Fixed Body Weighing Scales
Body Based Refuse System

DESCRIPTION The Route Man body-based scale system provides accurate weight measurement of individual containers. This information will improve the profitability of haulers. Commercial accounts are provided information necessary to compare individual account revenues to disposal costs. The system displays and records gross vehicle weight, net payload weight, individual bin weight, customer ID, time and date. The system is comprised of rugged hardware and software components designed to fit all packer bodies. The system consists of 4 or 6 load cells, bearing plates, signal transmitters, and a meter. Optional mounting kits are available for all types of standard refuse vehicles.

Route Man Refuse – On-board Weighing System
SI’s Route Man, on-board weighing system is a high accuracy scale system with data storage capability. The system displays and records in memory one of the following: gross vehicle weight, net payload weight, or individual bin weight. It also displays customer and route information. Route Man operates with all types of waste collection and transportation vehicles.

The load cells for the route Man System are mounted between the truck body and frame in order to sense payload weight. Body-based load cell scale and systems are accurate to 1% of gross vehicle weight. The system can be used with the Route Authority Auditing systems.

Route Authority – Waste Auditing System
The Route Authority Auditing System provides an easy way to transfer customer and route information from the Route vehicle to the office computer. No additional equipment is needed on the vehicle or in the cab. Waste Vehicles equipped with Route Man on-board systems, with barcode scanners, are able to use Route Authority immediately.

Load to Legal Capacity Every Time
• Waste
• Aggregate
• Load delivery
• Bulk hauling
• Forestry
• Dump truck
• Agriculture
• Straight trucks
• Displays and records individual pick-up weights
• Displays net and gross weight
• Compatible with all packer bodies
• Self-diagnostic
• Easy two-step calibration
• Post calibration capable
• Weigh set-point alarms
• Optional:
• Remote display using free smartphone application (through Bluetooth link)
• Printer
• Scoreboard
No more Overweight Fines: The expense of operating overloaded is already prohibitive in many regions and is becoming a serious issue nationwide. Enforcement is increasing and penalties are becoming more costly.
Eliminate Legal Liabilities: The potential costs to a hauler from lawsuits resulting from an accident involving an overloaded truck can be severe.
Ensure Operating Safety: Overloaded trucks have significantly impaired braking distances and cornering abilities, and are more likely to experience premature failures of truck components.
Cut Maintenance Costs: Hauling legal payloads reduces maintenance expense on springs, brakes and tires, and increases the operating lifetime of the truck and body.
Increase Driver Efficiency: Our on-board scales give your drivers the assurance of hauling legal. With scales, drivers finish routes more efficiently and faster with full, legal loads.
9100 Meter Selection and Features:
SI designs and manufacturers digital meters with the functions, features and reliability required for onboard scales. The meters are designed to work over a wide temperature range, withstand the shock of a logging truck on rough roads, and the continual vibration of highway operation.
  • 9100LD - Gross Weight, Net Payload Weight, and individual weight of off-loading weight for multiple applications up to two channels. Storage of individual pick-up or off-loading weights is stored in the meter. External computer interface can be accomplished through the RS-232 Port.
Model Description Fixed Mount Body Notice Price
SI-RouteMan-9101050 Route Man™, Full Eject Fixed Mount Body, 6 load cells, includes 9100LD Meter (i.e.: McNeilus / Wittke) This item is non-refundable. Call
SI-RouteMan-9101050-01 Route Man™, Full Eject Fixed Mount Body, 6 load cells, includes 9100LD Meter (i.e.: Heil Front and Rear Eject This item is non-refundable. Call
SI-RouteMan-9101785 Route Man™, Full Eject Fixed Mount Body, 4 Load Cells, for body sizes less than 20 cubic yards, includes 9100LD Meter. This item is non-refundable. Call
Model Description Mounting Kit Full Eject -Leach Front Loader Notice Price
SI-RouteMan-7100302-01 Route Man™, Mounting Kit Full Eject - 4 Point - 4 Load Cells - Leach Front Loaders using Route Man 91-01490 This item is non-refundable. Call
Model Description Mounting Kit Full Eject -McNeilus, Heil, and Whitkke Front Loader Notice Price
SI-RouteMan-7100302-02 Route Man™, Mounting Kit Full Eject - 6 Point - 6-load cells; (McNeilus, Heil, and Whitkke). This item is non-refundable. Call
Model Description Tipper Dump Body Notice Price
SI-RouteMan-9101790 Route Man™, Tipper Dump Body, 6 Load Cells, all body sizes with 2.0” Hinge, includes 9100LD Meter This item is non-refundable. Call





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