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Onboard scale systems allow optimum, safe use of a truck’s payload capacity both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.
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On-Board Forklift Scales CLS-920i


CLS-920i Cargo Lift Scale
On-Board Forklift Scales
Floor/Lift Truck/Pallet Scales
920i® Indicator
• Stainless steel enclosure
• Two-piece mounting assembly with vibration isolators
• 4.6" W x 3.4" H, back-lit LCD graphical display (320 x 240 pixels)
• User program with data collection and transaction storage including: pro number, pro open/closed,
employee ID, last transaction, time and date, actual weight and number of skids
• 1 MB internal memory for transaction records
• Diagnostics to indicate excessive drift, A/D failures, connection errors, excitation voltage shifts and more
• On/Off toggle switch for forklift battery conservation
• Battery hours remaining displayed as bar graph on main screen (wireless version)
Standard Features
• NTEP-certified, 5,000 lb
• Two 5,000 lb stainless steel load cells
• Compatible with Class II forklift, 16" cleat style carriage
• Mechanical overload stops promote scale longevity and accuracy
• Panoramic, 6" x 20-3/4" view port
• Reinforced cover plate protects load cells and junction box from debris
• Welded centering pin ensures proper alignment and prevents scale from lateral movement
• Two-channel iQUBE®
• Cal-Match™ algorithm automatically trims and calibrates scale
Wired Version
• Coiled interface cable from scale to indicator
Wireless Version
• ZigBee™ connection from scale to indicator
• Two lithium-ion smart batteries included Note: Scale operates using one battery for 24 continuous hours and requires only eight hours to fully charge.
• External battery charger
Front View
Rear View
Side View
Scale Capacity: 5,000 lb
Scale overload: 200%
Ultimate overload: 5:1 capacity
Scale power:
Wired Version: supplied by indicator through coiled interface cable
Wireless Version: supplied by one lithium-ion smart battery (SMBus revision 1.1 fully compliant)
Scale material/finish: Painted Mild Steel
Scale warranty: Two-year limited warranty
Scale approval: NTEP-certified per H-44 at 1,000 divisions, Class
920i Display: 4.6" W x 3.4" H (116 mm W x 86 mm H), 320 x 240 pixel VGA Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) module with adjustable contrast
920i POWER - DC: Line voltages: 10-60 VDC DC input
Power consumption: 1.5 A Max Fused at 5.0 A
920i Operating Temperature: Legal: 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to +40˚C) Industrial: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50˚C)
Wireless LAN Option:
Range: Up to 328 ft indoors
Operating Frequency: ISM 2.4 GHz
Wireless ZigBee connection: Contains FCC ID: OUR-XBEE/ OUR-BXEEPRO Contains Model XBee-PRO Radio, IC: 4214A-XBEEPRO
Operating Frequency: ISM 2.4 GHz
920i Warranty: Two-year limited warranty
920i Approvals : NTEP-Certified at 10,000 Divisions, Class III/IIIL, CC# 01-088
Model Wired 10-60 volts Description
Ship Wt.
CLS-920i-28-16-167420 28" with flexures -Class II 16" cleat style carriage(30" W with flexures)
5,000 lbs x 5 lbs
525 lbs
CLS-920i-34-16-162282 34" with flexures -Class II 16" cleat style carriage(36" W with flexures)
5,000 lbs x 5 lbs
540 lbs
CLS-920i-38-20-167412* NON NTEP 38" with flexures -Class II 20" cleat style carriage(40" W with flexures) NON NTEP
8,000 lbs x 10 lbs
1,144 lbs
Model Wireless 10-60 volts Description
Ship Wt.
CLS-920i-28-16-167421 28" with flexures -Class II 16" cleat style carriage(30" W with flexures)
5,000 lbs x 5 lbs
525 lbs
CLS-920i-34-16-171809 34" with flexures -Class II 16" cleat style carriage(36" W with flexures)
5,000 lbs x 5 lbs
540 lbs
CLS-920i-38-20-167413* NON NTEP 38" with flexures -Class II 20" cleat style carriage(40" W with flexures) NON NTEP
8,000 lbs x 10 lbs
1,144 lbs


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