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Basic Filler Controls Scales

920i FlexWeigh 101
Basic Filler Controls
Filling a Container : Print, Tare, Weigh (2 Speed Feed), Print, Hold

Pre-engineered and pre-programmed 920i FlexWeigh Systems are Rice Lake’s turnkey answer to many of manufacturing’s most commonly used weighing processes, providing clearly defined, immediate solutions for almost any operation. 920i FlexWeigh Systems combine the power and versatility of the 920i interface with the simplicity and strength of the FlexWeigh control panel.

No need for lengthy quoting or design obstacles. Each 920i FlexWeigh model is a standard design in its own right, factory tested and programmed for the task at hand. Stainless steel NEMA-4X enclosures and rugged, customizable operation switches guarantee industrial-strength and dependability, day after day, year after year.

Once you’ve selected the right model for the job, your 920i FlexWeigh System is shipped complete and ready to weigh, seamlessly transitioning almost any measurement task, into a fully automated weighing process.

Standard Features
  • Wallmount stainless steel enclosure
  • Application program 101, 102, 103, 104
  • Front panel switches: E-Stop, reset/resume, start
  • Softkeys for presets, CN#, ID#, formula#, totals
  • Accumulating subtotal & total registers
  • Transmitted audit trail
  • Digital I/O Board
  • Relay rack and SSR relay outputs

The 920i FlexWeigh 101 is ready to take control of most any fast- or slow-feed filling task. Once values have been specified, place a container and press Start. The system automatically tares the container, starts the fill, and stops as programmed; all while transmitting and storing the accumulated weight totals.

Use the following steps to fill a container on the scale.
1. Place a container on the scale
2. Press the Start button on the unit.
The system verifies if:
• Gross weight is within the zero tolerance
• E-Stop is pulled out
• A valid target weight is entered
3. System increments the consecutive number by one on the main display.
4. System tares the scale if Auto Tare is enabled (shown in the setup menu).
5. The system begins filling at either of three speeds and displays a basic filling screen
although this screen will change depending on what kind of filling is being done.
Fill Screen Example
• Single Speed Filling—The system turns on fast fill until the target weight/pre act weight is satisfied.
• Parallel Speed Filling—Turns on the fast fill and slow fill until the dribble weight is satisfied. The system then turns off the fast fill and leaves the slow fill on until the target weight/pre act weight is satisfied.
• Dual Speed Filling—Turns on the fast fill until the dribble weight is satisfied.
The system turns on the slow fill until the target weight/pre act weight is satisfied.
6. System does the following when the target is reached:
• Captures a stable net weight
• Displays "remove container"
• Updates the subtotal weight and number of fills
• Updates the total and number of fills
• Turns on the Fill Complete Output
7. Once the operator removes the container and the weight falls within the zero tolerance, the Fill Complete Output is turned off, the Zero Tolerance Output is turned on, and the system is ready for the next fill.

Standard Features:
• Stainless Steel NEMA 4X enclosure
• Pre-programmed and configured 920i HMI Indicator/Controller
• Heavy-duty push buttons and switches, E-stop, Start, Reset/Resume
• Built-in safety interlocks prevent cycle start if empty container is not in place or filled container has not been removed.
• (2) 2amp, 120 VAC feed output (fast and slow)
• Emergency stop which can be resumed at any point
• Auto Tare on START
• Auto Print and Weight Total

• Switches for manual override controls; Man / Off / Auto mode selector, Man Feed Fast / Slow (or On / Jog) manual control driver.
• Large-diameter pilot lights: Ready, Fast Feed (or Feeding), Slow Feed, Fill Complete.
• 120 Vac outputs for: Zero Tolerance (whenever the gross weight is with +/- Zero Tolerance band).
• Fill Complete (after fill complete until weight returns to zero tolerance).
• Customized software and hardware configurations.
Note: All control systems are Consult before ordering
Model Description Price
Flexweigh-101-120320 Indicator,920i Flexweigh Systems 101, Stainless Steel Wallmount, 115/230VAC Call



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