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Onboard scale systems allow optimum, safe use of a truck’s payload capacity both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.
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CAS RWT- Wireless Wheel Weighers Portable Truck Scales


The RWT-F Series wheel weigher pads are available in 4 different sizes and 4 capacities. The ultra low profile platforms are designed to weigh trucks with a multitude of axle configurations and capacity requirements. Each wheel weigher platform includes an integral weight display, and can be Wirelessly interfaced up to 12 platforms via the RWT-5000F Indicator/ Printer.
Utilizing optional dummy plates and dummy plate connectors, build a wheel weigher system that fits your specific needs! For in-motion weighing applications, use a single axle layout (2 scale platforms) including sufficient ramps and dummy plates to insure optimum level weighing conditions. For static weighing, the RWT-F wheel weighers may be joined via optional plates and connectors, allowing up to 12 platforms to be Wirelessly interfaced via the RWT-5000F Indicator/Printer.
The RWT-F Series can be configured for either static or inmotion weighing, with an allowable speed of up to 6 miles per hour (10km/hr).

For in-motion weighing applications:

  • The single axle configuration (2 scale platforms) including the use of the CAS optional dummy plates and connectors insure optimum level weighing conditions.

For static weighing applications:

  • The cascaded configuration can be interlocked via our CAS optional dummy plates and connectors, allowing up to 12 platforms to be interfaced via Zigbee Wireless Technology to the CAS RWT-5000F Indicator/Printer.

Wireless Wheel Weigher

  • 10K, 20K, 30K & 40K lb Capacities
  • Low profile platform size: only 1.4" / 34 mm high
  • Zigbee wireless technology
  • IP66 Rated
  • In-motion and static weighing capabilities
  • Includes 2 rechargeable Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries and optional lightweight urethane ramps and connectors
Multi-Platform Wireless Indicator
  • Used with RWT-F Platform
  • Zigbee Wireless Technology
  • Connects up to 12 wireless platforms individual or simultaneous readings
  • USB & RS-232C ports included
  • Memory for up to 10K vehicles
All scales that are still covered under the original CAS warranty period will be repaired or replaced in the case of defects in material and / or workmanship as determined by CAS Corp. Charges for replacement parts used for warranty repair will not apply if the repair is done at a CAS (USA) facility. This product has a 2 year warranty. Factory recommended not to use this equipment when raining.

Wheel Weigher Kits Include the RWT-5000F and Travel Case, for over 2 pad sets (Case is offend back ordered)

IP66 electrical enclosures are equivalent to NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X enclosures.
International Protection (IP) standards are used to designate the protective capacity of an electrical enclosure. The two-digit code shows the protection against particles (the first digit) and water (the second digit). 

IP66 Enclosures Provided Protection
1St Number: Dust tight. 2nd number: Powerful water jets


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